Hi My Name is Hsinchi Yang aka "Chi Chi"

Hi my name is Chi Chi. I was born in Thailand in 1976 my dad was killed in the war when I was just 5 years old and my mom was on her own to care of me and my sister. We were very poor and life was very tough but I was lucky to have a strong mother who took excellent care of us and always found a way to make sure we had shelter, food and most importantly lots of love. My mother has made this fresh and delicious chili ever since I have memory using fresh ingredients from the local farmers. It would make even the most boring and bland of dishes come to life with wonderful crunchy flavor and immediately put smiles on my sister and I. Now I would like the opportunity to share our delicious chili oils with you!


Quality Ingredients

"We Put Fresh Ingredients & Love Into Every Jar"

All of our premium chili oils are made with only the freshest and carefully selected all natural ingredients, herbs and spices. Combined with a rich olive oil base and our 3 step warming process insures all the flavors are blended together to perfection.


Ancient Recipes

The blend of flavors and spices we use has been passed down for generations and stood the test of time over hundreds of years. The flavors that make up our premium sauces and oils have been enjoyed by families going back many centuries.


Fastest Delivery

We live in a new world where speed and efficiency have become the cornerstone of success for any business. We know what our customers expect from us and this is a delicious product and prompt delivery. We have setup logistics that are second to none to insure that happens each and every time.


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