How to Eat Chi Chi Pepper Chili Oils & How to Choose Chili Oils

Chili Oils Are Not Just For Asian Dishes

Sometimes people ask us how to eat chili oil, what should I use it with?, or can I cook with it.? The answer is nice and simple - you can eat chili oil with almost any dishes you love! And yes, you can cook with it, - BBQ, soups, stir fry, marinate and so much more. Please do not think it's only good with Asian dishes! Our customers have told us they love it with eggs, pasta, mix it with dipping sauces, gravies, salads, sandwiches, and pizzas! One said he cooked bacon with it and then added it in his Sunday Bloody Mary, and it’s fabulous! That's interesting! The possibilities are endless. 

They Are A Delicious Addition To Just About Any Dish!

We love it with scrambled eggs; we made sausage gravy with it and pour on eggs with baskets, country steaks, or add to the honey for a dipping sauce for the famous Southern morning dish fried chicken and waffles. It adds the crunch, crisp and slightly smoky flavor, it spices up the usual breakfasts so much and so yummy and fun to eat! Just sprinkle it on your favorite dishes and let it do its magic!

Technology Has Helped Everyone Share Delicious Foods Across Cultures

Chili oil has become so popular in recent days thanks to the fast traveling world, speed of light internet information exchanges, and food lover-world travelers on YouTube. It used to be exotic spices from the Far Far Far East now is at the reach of your fingertips. Chili oil has a long-rooted history in many cultures like Chinese, Mexican, Japanese and much more. Chili oils may sound to some that it's just chilies in oil, well, that’s somewhat correct, but the art of making a heavenly tasting chili oil is exquisite, it takes experience and abundant knowledge, and most of all - the passion for it! You may see many chili oils, chili sauces on the shelves of your local international markets, and on the eCommerce stores like Amazon, eBay, most are imported from China, South America, and various other regions. Our chili oils are the first to be made right here the in USA!

So How To You Choose The Right Chili Oil?

That’s great! So, how do I choose the right chili oil then? You’re thinking. Ha! We’re the chili oil experts, well, we can say that not just because we’ve made thousands of jar of chili oils, and because when I was in my mom’s belly she ate chili oil, so I ate chili oil before I was born into this world! And my mother’s mother's mother’s...yeah, you get what I mean. And for my husband Joe, he’s ground more peppers and made more chili oils than any caucasian person you would think of. Yes, it is kinda funny seeing him making chili oil and covered with chilies. We’d have peppers on our face, in the eyes, we are literally are on fire by chilies! We’re joking that we are now immune to pepper spray 

So Getting Back To The Point - How To Choose The Right Chili Oil? 

Again the answers I like to give is nice and easy ones, who wants to read a long article right? It all depends on what is most important to you - cost, health, taste, environment, humanity, etc. “Sounds like a grand theme here! You said it’ll be easy!?” Slow down, I just want to be honest, otherwise I could just say - HEY, MINE IS THE BEST! Because you’re A SMART SHOPPER, so I can’t be slackened.  Bare with me… :)

Chili Oils From China Can Certainly Save You a Few Bucks 

Chili oils that are from China probably the cheapest, because of the low paid labor, long hours and more working days, lower costs of the raw materials. I’ll not say their chili oils are bad for you when I was a struggling and a busy student, I didn’t have time or budget to make my own, so I bought them all the time. I couldn’t afford a healthier choice, and yep, that’s the reality we live in - healthy products cost more, because it costs more to make, unfortunately. The ones that are from Taiwan and Japan are usually good and reasonably priced, and they have a trustworthy reputation in general.

Generally Chili Oils Made In The United States Can Be A Bit More Expensive

There are some good chili oils that are made in the US now, they’re usually a little higher price than the ones made in the Far Far Far East, a few bucks more nothing crazy though. They are usually homemade, small produced, so it’s fresher and taste better. There’re Thai styles, Mexico styles, and Chi Chi Pepper Brand chili oils are based on the ancient Kunming Yunnan, Chinese style added with the American's favorite zest CRUNCHIES! We have mild Chi Chi Crunch, Extra Hot Chi Chi Pepper, and intense spicy like Chi Chi Fire - made with Habaneros, Thai chilies, and Ghost peppers! 

We Started Chi Chi Pepper To Offer Premium Local Chili Oils

Let’s be frank, it’s almost impossible for us - the American products to compete with the PRICE game with most products from Asia. So at Chi-Chi Pepper Products, we aim for higher quality, health driven markets. Which is the reason that we started the Chi Chi Pepper Chili Oil business. Many people said that we need to support American products, but at the end of the day, most of us all choose what we can afford. That’s totally cool! But if you do care where your money goes then support an American Small from time to time if you can.

We Decided To Create Our Chili Oils With Premium Ingredients Only

As a woman in business, I tried to use my female instinct and my gratitude for our beautiful planet earth as my business vision. We use the best and freshest ingredients Mother Nature nurtured and we want to satisfy all our customers! I proudly say that we have Outstanding Customer Service! We compete fairly and honestly, but there’s always a few bad actors in the business that viciously trying to take you out. When someone unethically flagged one of our products on Amazon, we don’t feel the need to be nasty or flustered, we solved the problem with an efficient and calm manner and go back to get the work done. Ethics are important to us and we hope, to all.

Our Chili Oils Are Homemade Right Here in Sunny Las Vegas, NV

Either you’re already our customer or maybe become one, we want you to be HAPPY with Chi Chi Pepper Products! If you have any concerns, thoughts, questions, you can always contact us direct. If you want to know where to eat outside The Strip when you’re visiting Las Vegas we can help you with that too! You can also fly here and tell us how much you love Chi Chi Pepper Products too :) - we mighteven give you some free jars!


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