Introducing Chi Chi Fire! - For All You Serious Spicy Chili Oil Enthusiasts

Introducing Our Newest Flavor - Chi Chi Fire!

Chi Chi Fire is made with same premium all natural ingredients but lookout, we've added Habeneros and the notorious Ghost Peppers to our latest fiery Chili Oil! This flavor is not for the faint of heart and packs a major punch of spiciness! If you like your meals hot hot hot then this delicious addition to our line of premium chili oils is for you! 

A Delicious & Fiery Combination of Serious Pepper Heat

We thought we had a hot enough flavor for our spicy loving customers with our Chi Chi Pepper flavor, however due to numerous requests for even more heat we went back to the kitchen and materminded the new recipe for Chi Chi Fire. With a little help from premium orange Habenero Peppers grown fresh in the Yucatan region of Mexico , and one of the top heat contenders on the Scoville Scale not to be messed with, The  Ghost Pepper native to India, Chi Chi Fire is for the professional spice enthusiasts!  

We First Introduced Chi Chi Fire At Our Local Farmers Market Here in Las Vegas

We introduced samples of Chi Chi Fire at the Floyd Lamb Park Farmers Market here at our home town of sunny Las Vegas and were pleasantly surprised to see it was instantly a major hit!

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