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How To Eat Chili Oils - Bring Your Favorite Dishes To Life

  How To Eat Chili Oils - Great On Just About Anything Our Chili Oils Go Great On CHICKEN STEAK PASTAS PIZZA SHRIMP SOUPS RICE DISHES SALADS DIPS FISH & MORE... Read More

Thank You Midnight Weekend For Hosting The Holidays Chi Chi Pepper Giveaway!

A Big Chi Chi Pepper Thank You To Youtubers, Paul & Cheryl of Midnight Weekend! We would like to thank Paul & Cheryl of Youtube Channel Midnight Weekend for hosting the holiday giveaway of a ... Read More

Introducing Chi Chi Sichuan! - Now Available

CRUNCHY FLAVORFUL & TINGLY! Our homemade Chi Chi Sichuan Chili Oil is made with Premium Sichuan Peppercorns that give it that numbingly delicious finish you expect from premium fresh ground peppe... Read More

Chi Chi Crisp Chicken Piccata with Artichokes

Chi Chi Crisp Chicken Piccata with Artichokes Some Capers Caper juice Some Artichokes Artichoke juice One chicken breast One Squash White wine Salt to taste One pinch of sugar 1 tsp of C... Read More

Crispy Natto & Fluffy, Crusty Cod

Prepare stir fry nattos: 3 boxes of natto Soy sauce or salt to taste Miso (optional) Scallion Chi Chi Pepper Extra Hot Crunchy chili oil Let’s prepare the sauce - 2 tablespoons of soy sauce 1 ... Read More

Crisp Kung Bao Chicken with Chi Chi Crisp Chili Oil

chicken legs 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1 tablespoon sesame oil blackpepper salt thyme bell peppers  shallot ginger garlic Salt oil black pepper Tapioca starch + water 1 teaspoon oyste... Read More

Chi Chi Crunch Homemade Mayonnaise Salad

Try this delightful recipe for summer! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for a chance to win a free large 12 oz jar of our premiere crunch chili oil! Homemade mayonnaise: 2 egg yolks ¼ tea... Read More

Chi Chi Crunch Crunchy Lamb Ribs!

Lamb ribs is so tasty and easy to make, it's perfect for a party or a quick snake! Olive oil Lamb ribs Salt Blackpepper Mushroom seasoning Cumin powder Dried garlic Bake it at 350 degrees fo... Read More

Chi Chi Pepper Preparing For Your 4th of July 2020 Barbecue

Delicious Premium Chili Oils For The 4th of July Celebration What? Chili Oils For Barbecues? Absolutely. Many people associate chili oils as a condiment only for Asian dishes however our chili oils ... Read More

Chi Chi Crisp Easy Stir Fry Vegetables

Cauliflower  Broccoli Celery  Onion Chi Chi Crisp or Chi Chi Crunch Olive Oil Salt or Soyce Herbs (Optional)   Years ago a headline news story in Taiwan caught my attention, ... Read More

Chi Chi Pepper Crunchy Chicken Wings!

      We have many customers who tell us that they make delicious chicken wings with our chili oils!  One mother who's son was going off to serve in the military told us it wa... Read More

Chi Chi Crunch with Mushroom and Cubed Sirloin Steak

I Love this simple and delicious recipe that I created many years ago, and everyone loved  it!  Let's begin!  Sirloin Steak. I use sirloin steak but any good steak would be good... Read More

Chicken Piccata with Artichokes Pasta

Chicken breasts  * Olive oil * Garlic chopped ( it’s ok without it too ) * All purpose flour * Sea Salt ( or Chicken Bouillon, or your prefer seasonings ) * Jarred artichokes & its... Read More

Chi Chi Crunch - Knife Cut Noodles with Steam Chicken in Bone Broth Soup

Knife Cut Noodles with Steam Chicken in Bone Broth Soup Chi Chi Crunch - Buy Now on Amazon! Bone broth - use a pressure cooker add - pork bones, chicken bones, or beef bones, with ginger, gar... Read More

Our Delicious All Natural Chili Oils Have New Jars & A Brand New Look

Always Looking For Ways To Serve Our Customers Better As an emerging brand, we are always looking for ways to serve our customers better. From our humble beginnings selling our chili oils at local fa... Read More

Attending the Natural Food Products Expo West 2020 (Postponed)

  Updated March 4, 2020 - (Show Postponed) We are very excited to announce that Chi Chi Pepper Products, Inc. will be attending the Nature Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA. The “Super Bo... Read More

Introducing Chi Chi Fire! - For All You Serious Spicy Chili Oil Enthusiasts

Introducing Our Newest Flavor - Chi Chi Fire! Chi Chi Fire is made with same premium all natural ingredients but lookout, we've added Habeneros and the notorious Ghost Peppers to our latest fiery Chi... Read More

How to Eat Chi Chi Pepper Chili Oils & How to Choose Chili Oils

Chili Oils Are Not Just For Asian Dishes Sometimes people ask us how to eat chili oil, what should I use it with?, or can I cook with it.? The answer is nice and simple - you can eat chili oil with a... Read More

Wait No Terryaki Chicken? Dude Where is The Scorpion Bowl?

Having The Courage To Step Outside My American Culinary Bubble. When I met my Asian wife Chi Chi she introduced me to a plethora of new foods. I grew up in Boston MA and was the poster child for the ... Read More

Every Refugee or Immigrant's Life Around The World Is Worth Saving - Our Story Part 2

  My mother - Miss Tseng Yen - the award-winning writer, a mentor, she retired as an editor of Taiwan Youth Daily News and published about 30 well-known books.   The first time I visited ... Read More

Thai Bird Eye Chili - Why I Love Them So Much And Use It In All Our Chili Oils - The Soothing Tastes of A Broken Childhood

Our Story PART 1.   I was born in Thailand, my parents were from China. Although we've only spent short years in Thailand, it always has a soft and sweet spot in my heart! And even though I wa... Read More

The Road to Chi Chi Pepper Chili Oil

Bringing Our Own Chili Oil With Us To The Restaurants My sister used to bring her homemade chili oil to the restaurants, it was when we were in our early 20s, and I often felt embarrassed by it. But ... Read More

Delicious Chili Oils From Our Neighborhood Barbecues to Around The World

Hi, I am Chi Chi Bolton founder of Chi Chi Pepper Products, Inc.  Our Sunday Barbecues At Mariners Village in Marina Del Rey, CA A few years ago when l lived in Marina del Rey, California, I ma... Read More