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Every Refugee or Immigrant's Life Around The World Is Worth Saving - Our Story Part 2

  My mother - Miss Tseng Yen - the award-winning writer, a mentor, she retired as an editor of Taiwan Youth Daily News and published about 30 well-known books.   The first time I visited ... Read More

Thai Bird Eye Chili - Why I Love Them So Much And Use It In All Our Chili Oils - The Soothing Tastes of A Broken Childhood

Our Story PART 1.   I was born in Thailand, my parents were from China. Although we've only spent short years in Thailand, it always has a soft and sweet spot in my heart! And even though I wa... Read More

The Road to Chi Chi Pepper Chili Oil

Bringing Our Own Chili Oil With Us To The Restaurants My sister used to bring her homemade chili oil to the restaurants, it was when we were in our early 20s, and I often felt embarrassed by it. But ... Read More